Topchanchi Lake

Located about 37 kms from Dhanbad, Topchanchi Lake is bliss in solitude, and an avian paradise. Surrounded by green hillocks and plalash forests, this man-made lake was built in 1924, during the days of British Raj.

To this day, it provides water to the major parts of the coal-city. The water body is now maintained by Coal Mining Area Development Authority. The nearest railway station at Gomoh, is just 6 kms away. It is the same historic site from where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose boarded a train on Jan. 18, 1941, for his departure from India, disguised as a Pathan LIC agent. The railway station has been christened in his name and two bust sized statues of the leader have been installed both in the railway station and in the Topchanchi market.

In order to reach the lake, you may get down at Gomoh railway station and take a trekker or hire auto to Topchanchi.