Palamau Fort

One of the most important archaeological monuments of the state from the Mughal period, it is located at about 45 kms south-east of Medini Nagar on the confluence of Koel and Auranga rivers amidst dense forests. The fort is about 5 kms west of Latehar district headquarters within the core area of Betla tiger reserves.

The fort is atop a hillock and called the PuranaQuila. Believed to be constructed in 1562, it is within an area of 5 sq. kms. The construction of the fort is originally ascribed to the Rakshaul ruler Raja Mansingh of the 16th century. However, some believe that it come up during the reign of Raja Medini Rai of Chero dynasty. The most impressive structures of the fort are the three doubles storied gates leading to the fort, which is in Nagpuri style. The folklores of Palamau are replete with references of the fort where comparisons have been drawn with its contemporary fort of Rohtasgarh. About 2 kms away from the PuranaQuila is an incomplete structure by the name of NayaQuila. Its walls bear inscriptions in Persian and Sanskrit from where we learn that it was being built by Medini Rai for his son Pratap Rai in 1634.

You can reach Head Quarters either by train or bus. Further, buses from here take you to the national park.