Lower Ghagri

Lying about 4-5 kms below the Upper Ghagri, is the Lower Ghagri, about 10-12 kms from the Netarhat Bus stand. Here, Local rivulets, originationg from the hillocks add on to the volume of water from Upper Ghagri, tumbling down from a height of about 100 feet. For nature lovers, the trek to Lower Ghagri may be equally fascinating. It is through the dense forests where large branches of trees serve as bridges over the short brisk rivulets. Taking you to the site are three four such wooden pathways. The tall trees of the forests are endowed with such thick luxuriant growth that even the sun rays are unable to pierce through them— making them reminiscent of the American poet, Robert Frost’s description of lovely, dark and deep woods, the gushing sound of the water seems to shatter the prevailing tranquility. Not to forget, you might also be fortunate enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of the wild life as Tiger, bear, deer, peacock, wild goats etc. in the forests.