Lodh Waterfalls

It was once a chosen destination for the British Laat Sahebs to unwind. The remains of Laat Bangla exists to this day. The site about 61 kms away from Netarhat and 14 kms north West of Mahuadand near Orsapat, in latehar district proudly claims to have the highest waterfalls in Jharkahand. Here the water of the River Burha, as it is locally called makes a spectacular leap from a height of about 468 feet. It falls from two sides of the hills, thundering its way deep into the bosom of the earth. A legend runs that the local villagers once tried to measure its depth by immersing boulders tied to long ropes, the span being equivalent to that used in the making of seven Khatias, (coir costs)… But alas! The boulder disappeared deep down in the abyss… and even to this day the depth is unfathomed. The place is called Chitidah. The roaring sound of the water falls amidst rocky terrains and hills, inside the forests, can be heard even from a distance of 10 kms away. River Burha is later joined by a number of wild rivulets emerging from the local hills around.