Koel View Point

Once in Netarhat, it is hard to resist the charm of the River Koel. It is about 2 KMS form the bus-stand in between the jungles of Chirpines reaches you to the Koel View Point. The river flows about 10 kms below the site. Origination from a local hilly village Tutua Paani, the sun osculate waters share the spectacle of dawn and twilight, reflecting the myriad hues of the rising and setting sun. from deep crimson to fiery orange, or just the lilac and azure of a cloudless sky , the clear waters of the river mirror the passing moods of a nature at its scintillating best. Do not forget to watch the river during moonlit nights as well, when the water seems to get transformed into a silvery stream. Located on the banks of the river are clusters of small villages as Saarna Toli, Chaatan Jori resided by the primitive tribes that compel you to scribble some brisk notes or go for random shots with your camera, capturing their interesting ways of life.