If you want to add a dash of adventure to the memories of your visit in Jharkhand, Khandoli about 10 kms from Giridih, may be just the right place for you. Rarely one finds right combination of a nearly 3 kms long dam, a hill, a large flat land and an amusement park all at one place. It is a must visit in October when Adventure fests are organized. The Khandoli dam is perfect for kayaking and water surfing. The hill on the other hand is ideal for climbing and trekking. There are also power gliding and parasailing facilities for those, who want to adventure in the open sky. There is also a paragliding centre there, providing basic lessions in adventure sports. Truly, it is sport for adventure tourism.

In winters it also becomes habitat for migratory birds like Siberian crane, attracting bird watchers in large numbers.