Betla National Park

One of India’s earliest tiger reserves (1974), Betla features luxuriant tropical forest cover and a rich variety of fauna.

The Betla National Park, was first established as a sanctuary and later upgraded to it’s present status. Average elevation is about 1000 feet and though the park is open throughout the year the best time to visit is between November to March. Spread over 250 sq. kms., the park is covered with good roads cris-crossing each other, to enables the motorist to have a closer view of the wild life in dense forests.

Gour, Chital, Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Sloth and Wild Bear, Sambhar, Nilgai, Kakar, Mouse Deer are permanent residents. Langurs are present in large families.

Betla features waterfalls and natural hot springs on one hand, and historical monuments including a 16th century fort of Chero kings on the other.