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Entire Jharkhand State with Special attention in Lohardaga, Gumla, Ramgarh, Giridih, Koderma & Ranchi, District Area


Minister, Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Dr. Lois Marandi and HRD Minister, Dr. Nira Yadav visited during our Participation in Momentum Jharkhand on Fashion Designing Exhibition

Putting the last as the First. An established community based on non-exploitative self- reliant social order, devoid of inequalities, regardless of caste, creed, religions & sex and characterized by dignity of individuals with primacy of truth and non-violence for its perpetuation.


Empowerment of the lowest rungs of community by involving, community and different stakeholders for creating a better community.


Grass root Development with Sustainability


Enhancement of Socio – Economic conditions of Tribal and Poor community through self- employment and entrepreneurship promotion.

Main Aims & Objectives

SC Fashion Designing Training Program
SC Fashion Designing Training Program
  • To make efforts to illuminate superstition, illiteracy, exploitation, eradicating poverty and injustice from society. To establish right to community over land, water and forest and all other natural resources.
  • To generate awareness among the rural with special emphasis on rights and duties. To safeguard women and curb atrocities such as rape, dowry, violence against women, alcoholism and sexual violence.
  • To project module among the rural poor with regard to agriculture, livestock management, Education, Health, I.G. As and other locally relevant means of intervention.
  • To work for integrated rural development and provide support service for social & economic uplift of the villagers to promote health care programs both preventive as well as creative and provide emergency health services.
  • To make able and skilled in social, economical and educational through encouraging awareness of deprived sections from main stream of social, political and over all development in general and discarded in particular.
  • To improve socio-economic position of poorest, disabled, helpless, illiterate SC/ST/OBC and weaker section of society and promote scope for creation of growth and strengthening of abilities for self-reliance.
  • To facilitate the peoples to build infrastructure for healthy and hygienic environment and improve the quality of life. To provide legal support and secure the right of weaker sections, especially women, children.
  • To put capacity based interventions to eradicate poverty, inequality, illiteracy and superstition from the society. To facilitate credit support to start income generation activities.
  • To promote experimental innovative programs, Upgrade rural technologies and undertake pilot project so that rural poor may get self employment for their livelihood.

Intervention Area

SC Fashion Designing Training Program
SC Fashion Designing Training Program
  • Education & Awareness.
  • Skill Development Program.
  • Health, Especially Adolescent health, Reproductive and Child Health, Mother and Child Health, Health and Nutrition etc.
  • HIV / AIDS Awareness and Prevention Program.
  • Environment Protection & pollution Control.
  • Literacy Program.
  • Cultural Program.
  • Child Rights and Child Labour Prevention Program.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program.
  • Income Generation Skills Programs.

Programs during previous year

Participation in Momentum Jharkhand in Ranchi
  1. S.H.G. Promotion & Formation
  2. S.H.G. Members’ Training
  3. Important Days Celebration
  4. Scientific Agriculture Training to Farmers
  5. Disabled Relief & Rehabilitation Vocational Training to women/ adolescents / youth/ clubs, etc.
  6. Special Training on MGNREGA, Tribal Right, Basic Health, AIDS/HIV Awareness, Women Empowerment & Awareness, anti Dowry comaign, Pulse- Polio Immunization, Vaccination.
  7. Creche Project
  8. Women’s Education other programmes.
  9. SC Girls Fashion Designing Training.
  10. Mcluski Ganj Tourist Spot Development.
  11. Participation in Momentum Jharkhand Festival.

Special achievements

Shree Manoj Kumar, IAS Jharkhand visited during our Participation in Momentum Jharkhand on Fashion Designing Exhibition
  1. 26 S.H.Gs – well functioning & Bank-linked
  2. Women’s education
  3. Vocational/ Skill Development Training.
  4. Crechce Project


  1. Membership Fees & contribution
  2. Donation & Subscription
  3. Training Fees
  4. Training Product Sales
  5. Program Receipts
  6. Local Contribution.
  7. Govt. Grant-in-Aid

Target Groups

MP Ranchi visited during our Participation in Momentum Jharkhand on Fashion Designing Exhibition
  1. Farmers & Agricultural labouers
  2. Women / addosents / youth & minor children
  3. Disabled / Depressed persons
  4. Poor & Deprived communities
  5. Tribal community

Program Methodology – Principal Strategies

  1. Village’s Meetings
  2. People’s conferences
  3. Local People Participatory Approach System
  4. Experts & Social Activists Services
  5. Volunteers Services & Govt. Project Guidelines.
  6. Working the underprivileged and deprived communities at micro-level to understand better critical issues affecting them in order to address their generic cause.
  7. Collaborating with   government   and   various   development   agencies   to recognize and develop human potential by imparting skills, development program for self-reliance.
  8. Influencing change agents like media,  academics  and  the  state  through advocacy with the usage of communication tools.
  9. Forming strategic alliances with other players particularly the voluntary sector, government and corporate houses.

Working Strategy

Relief Distribution among Deprived Poor Persons

The Organization used to select the area after visiting the area and diagnosing the problems that too may be depending upon the information collected by the way of observation, questionnaire, discussion with the local leaders, discussion with the people, etc. project formulations are being done by the expert of the organization and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) has been adopted for taking any decision about the program activities. During the implementation stage the society used to direct implementation with the help of community or village committee. Monitoring and evaluation of the progress and impact of program depends upon the nature of the project.

Genesis, Evolution & Brief History of Organisation

Legal Awareness Program for women

SWAWLAMBAN was founded in the year 2003 by a team of young social activists with good knowledge and understanding of local issues and practical field experience of previous 5 years, under the guidance of the well experienced social worker and follower of Mother Teresa, JJJ and other great Sarvodaya leader of international fame, Idea behind formation of the society has been putting all experiences of social development and rural reconstruction in to practice. SWAWLAMBAN started its journey from couple of villages located in Ranchi & Lohardaga District, Jharkhand. Gradually covering numbers of villages in these two districts and developed good contacts and rapport with the village community. Presently SWAWLAMBAN is operation in more that 250 villages in the above 2 districts of Ranchi & Lohardaga besides Gumla & Ramgarh District.

Health awareness program among villagers of Jharkhand

Tribals, Paharias, STs, SCs, Rural youth, deprived women, child labor and other children as well as the artisan have been focused as primary target groups of SWAWLAMBAN. School and College Dropout girls and boys, victims’ girls and boys of child labor and rural people unaware of various aspects as well as schemes of their development have been also given priority as target group of SWAWLAMBAN. SWAWLAMBAN has also been very cautious in trying to understand the pros and cons of the development efforts made by different stakeholders including research institutes and undertakes study projects to know more about the natural resources, its management. Education, Health, Conservation of Environment, Agriculture development Livelihood Promotion etc, practices are also taken into account from time to time for research and study in the project implementation mode.

Jute Bag training for rural women, Jharkhand

Organizational Structure (Organogram)